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Terms & Conditions


Minimum order of 1/2 kilo. 

Certificate of Origin (C.O.) and Export Declaration (E.D.) should be paid if the total amount ordered is above $ 100. 

If the order has shell, additional payment of $ 5.68 will be added for BFAR payment requirement. 

Special requests such as items which are not included in our website will also be accomodated. Just send us details regarding your special request in Contact Us form.


Product Availability:

We, KLACC Creation and Handicraft manufactured all the products sold in our online shopping.  Our products are ideally available for shipment within 24 hours after the order is processed and approved.  But in rare cases, some products may be out of stock or lacking in number of strands/ pieces you ordered, which means we still have to produce those items.  We will notify you through email in cases like this.  If you wish to inquire about the status of your order, you can contact us through our Contact Us section of our website.



Payment terms can be discussed and decided as per convenience of both.  Our usual way is that we require 30% down payment upon issuance of Purchase Order (PO).  We will advise you if your items are ready for shipment, once it is ready for shipment, the balance of 70% should be paid in full. 

You can pay through Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram or through PayPal. 

Freight is not included on the price list. 


Shipping Fee and Shipment:

Our Flat Shipping Rate is $ 45.00 which is good only for 1/2 kilo order.  If your order will exceed to 1/2 kilo, we will contact you.  We use UPS to ship your items, in 3-4 days your items will arrive.

If UPS is so expensive for you, you can contact us so that we can negotiate with the shipment.

The items will be shipped only upon confirmation of receipt of payment into our account.